Chemical Applications

Our chemical application program consists of 4 applications taking place in the Spring-Fall. Our turf managers have strong horticulture backgrounds and college degrees to ensure the correct care is given to your lawn. The same turf manager will visit your property for every application and make suggestions that benefit your lawn.

Early Spring Application (March-April)

Dimension, crabgrass preventer: Fertilization for greening up your lawn, promoting root growth while also preventing annual weeds.

Late Spring Application (April-June)

Trimec spot spray: Control for grassy weeds, dandelions, clover and other broad leaf weeds where needed.

Summer Application (June-August)

Grub control application to prevent moles if needed or second application for post emergent weeds.

Fall Application (September-November)

Fertilizer/Winterizer to rebuild turf after summer stress and promote green lush lawns. This application also provides food reserve for early spring green up.